Eileen Stukane

Running on Two Different Tracks

Every woman who waited to have a child will understand this story. Eileen Stukane's determination to become a mother led her to adoption. When agencies said she was "too old" she found a country that considered her young. She would not be stopped--until a mystery in Italy almost ended everything. Confronting crisis, she learned how the edge of despair and the brink of salvation need not be two different points but one reality, conferring resilience and wisdom.

This is a short e-book published in August 2015 by Shebooks -- high quality fiction, memoir, and journalism for women, by women. For more information visit http:/​/​shebooks.net

Selected Works

HuffPost "My Story"
Going through my mother's possessions after her unexpected passing "I Feel Like A Thief."
"A best of times colliding with a worst of times: every piece of this masterfully recalled saga hits a sweet spot in the heart or memory..."
–Sheila Weller, author,
The News Sorority, Girls Like Us

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