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Listen To Your Body was the first of five women's health books I co-authored with Dr. Niels H. Lauersen.
Women's March On Washington D.C., January 21, 2017

"I Feel Like A Thief"

Going through my mother's possessions after her unexpected passing "I Feel Like A Thief" and wrote about it in the January 14, 2016 Huffington Post. There's no getting around this universal experience. Here's the link:

"I Feel Like A Thief"

Running on Two Different Tracks

Running on Two Different Tracks is a short (44-page) e-book memoir published in August 2015 by Shebooks. Eileen's story transports the reader through Italy and Lithuania, where Eileen’s family becomes redefined, first by a disappearance, and then by a child who is waiting to become her daughter. Many women run on different emotional tracks every day as they manage family relationships. Running on Two Different Tracks is for them.

"Eileen's writing is conversational and skillful, gathering insights about her time and place in this world as she brings us along the path of her journey. Heartbreaking loss lives alongside love and survival here in a way that's very real. Her honesty is a gift illuminating the emotional landscape around some very challenging events."
-- Terre Roche, musician, composer, and vocalist www.terreroche.com